To play is to learn: that’s why these brothers launched a digital kindergarten

While all of us have been exposed to rote learning in our school days, a growing number of people are beginning to believe that child development and growth is aided by play and fun.

Brothers Aditya Mukheerjee and Arnav Mukheerjee agree, and the duo realising the need to build something that brought in play to learning started TOKO Innovations. Aditya has a background in operations finance and funding, while Arnav has a creative bent of mind. They jointly authored neo-noir thriller Karm in 2016.Once they had the idea in place, they roped in Ajit Sen, who has over nine years of experience in technology as the CTO.“We spoke to a lot of teachers and parents. In fact, I even went to malls with boxes of crayons to give as incentives and spoke to parents who were willing to talk,” says 32-year old Aditya.

They identified a few areas of concern, including the fact that parents are worried by the amount of time their child spends on mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. They find this to be a waste of time and believe that the time would be better spent on growth and learning.

The brothers also realised that parents wanted a single destination where they could engage their children.

“On the other hand, children liked using digital devices and could not be dissuaded from using them even it meant making their otherwise doting parents angry,” Aditya says.

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