Tech 30 startup Oorjan aims to bring affordable solar energy to Indian households

Oorjan Cleantech, a roof-top solar platform system, brings clean energy to homes and businesses, supported by IoT technology that provides lifetime performance monitoring and data.

A house or office completely off the power grid and catering to its own energy needs sounds futuristic, but can now be a reality, thanks to Oorjan Cleantech.

The Mumbai-based startup offers solutions to set up and maintain solar panels for households and businesses with an aim to take solar energy to the maximum number of people. To that end, it offers flexible design options, and most importantly, helping with securing financing.

The firm incorporates the latest in technology, which helps reduce the initial capital requirements. With growing awareness for green sources of energy, innovations in the sector are making it less expensive and easier to make the shift. Gone are the days of bulky solar panels as compact systems are bolstering the potential of this sector. Innovative designs, like a solar sheet that could just be pasted onto a window, are expected to enter the market soon.

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