Egyptian Steel continues to embody the nation’s economic resilience

A revolution is always earth-shattering for any nation. Major socio-political changes occur and they are followed by years of unrest. Egypt had two revolutions in the space of a few years, yet the resilience of the Egyptians and the Egyptian economy has been unprecedented. The population’s reaction was astonishing: the June 30 revolution took place in 2013, and people still went to work as normal the very next morning.

Egyptian Steel was established just six months before the first revolution and, seven years later, is now one of the largest building materials companies in Egypt and the region. We were able to grow and flourish during this difficult period, and are not the only success story to emerge from these turbulent years. The country has definitely had its struggles, but I believe we are bouncing back much faster and stronger than other nations that have gone through similar circumstances.

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