Behind the Business Plan: Playwire

For Jayson Dubin and Steven Berger, the co-founders of video hosting platform Playwire, the only real constant is change. After the business operated for three years under the name Intergi Entertainment, Dubin realized that digital advertising networks, particularly for video, were ripe for disruption, he said. And so, on the back of a napkin, he scrawled the first concept of what would grow into Playwire. That was more than eight years ago now, and Playwire has developed into a successful business. Dubin sat down with Business News Daily to go behind the business plan and explain how a simple idea sketched on a paper product grew into a profitable business venture.

Business News Daily: In a nutshell, what service does your business provide?

Jayson Dubin: Playwire offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use video-hosting and monetization platform that makes digital content profitable for publishers, artists and content creators. It is also the parent company of Playwire Media. Ranked by comScore as the largest online rep firm for reaching gaming and entertainment enthusiasts online, our three publishing brands (GameZone Group, NowPlaying Entertainment and Kids Club) provide a digital entertainment offering for advertisers looking to target their audiences during online leisure activities.

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